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   Integrity Asset Management has established a specific transition program to provide the utmost professional services once granted the management contract. As part of the program, our company will perform a detailed review of the property and develop an action plan. Whether it is on behalf of the purchaser, lender or seller, we try to control the process to the benefit of its client. It does so with these five primary objectives in mind:

1.)    To facilitate and shorten the closing process. To minimize the client’s time.

2.)    To maximize the benefits to the client and lower their exposure to liability.

3.)    Documentation: analyze, review, and distribute status reports, checklists, and closing budgets.

4.)    Perform lease audits.

5.)    To reduce legal and closing costs to the best of our capability.

   We can provide comprehensive, detailed accounting, both monthly and annually, in a timely manner. Annual budget analysis and preparation. Cash-flow Projections.Communication boosts our success. Tenant/Resident relations-communication is vital to ensure satisfaction. Maintain an on-going and open communication channel is essential. It is of utmost importance to discuss tenant/resident relations such as lease negotiations, marketing strategies, and concerns pertaining to dissatisfaction and delinquent accounts. Our employees compliment each other skills and mindsets in order to interpret viewpoints and goals of our investors that encourage the most positive outcomes.Integrity Asset Management, LLC has proven experience at each of its properties—for the most effective cost. Property Condition-maintenance of the physical condition to retain and improve the quality and value of an asset.Our company obtains limited scope service agreements which allow us to uniformly manage and control the responsibilities and actions required of the contractors to minimize owner liability. Provide assessment of third party liability based on exposure from premises, operations, products, and liabilities. Due-Diligence Analysis 

We have earned a reputation for the excellent quality and high occupancy level of our portfolio. 


     We maintain a Policy and Procedures manual that provides the staff with the standardized forms, contracts, service agreements and information on specific procedures that have been tested and proven to be effective in enhancing successful operations. Thorough tenant manuals have been supplied and are customized to that property. This valuable communication tool includes detailed directions on standard operating procedures, reference guide to emergency practices and life safety response programs. Review overall compliance with legal requirements of the asset. 



    A daily report is provided to the Supervisor at the end of each day enabling the Asset Manager to be proactive in dealing with items of urgency or concern. Weekly Reporting: this report tracks the current status of the property’s occupancy, collection of rents and marketing results on a weekly basis. It is a summary of the daily report and is produced every Monday. All financial statements are tailored to our client’s needs and are presented to the client no later than the 15th of the following month, including a complete narrative, which explains individual variances, as well as, general property information for the month. All accounting, including accounts payable and report generation are performed by Laura Cordova. We pride ourselves on providing timely and accurate financial reports, as well as the timely processing of accounts payable. Once each quarter, the supervisor makes an unannounced visit to each property in our portfolio. A complete audit includes review of all paperwork, files, systems and records, to ensure accuracy and compliance with policies and procedures. The results are reviewed with the appropriate personnel and deficiencies are corrected as well as rewards given for superior office management. Our Asset Manager frequently visits sites for the purposes of training and to ensure compliance with all company policies. Not only does she conduct and organize training Seminars, but she also spends valuable one-on-one time with the appropriate staff or parties associated with the operations of the asset.


   Oversight accounting and preparation of operating statements, routine inspections, supervision of maintenance and landscaping, negotiations of contract for services, management of lease renewals, market plans and leasing, monitoring of insurance coverage for adequacy and recommendation of capital improvements.

   Integrity Asset Management encourages you to contact any of our clients-we’re here to manage for you with the utmost professionalism. Our sound reputation, or over 30 years commitment to the industry, has proven a successful track record.

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